Monday, February 11, 2008

General Update

1) Valentine’s day event

We have decided to do a photo campaign for Valentine’s day. We will be in the west mall taking pictures of people with their messages of support for our Sweat shop free campaign. We will process these pictures and use them as potential resources as putting them in display boards, sending it out to the Co-Op and so forth. We will also be publicizing this at Think Local Act Global, maybe even snapping a few pictures when we have the opportunity. We will be making a display poster after the general meeting tomorrow, Feb 12. We will also figure out a tabling schedule for this event after the meeting.

2) Facebook Group

Our awesome co-leader Hernan has created a facebook group for the campaign. I know everybody uses facebook so please join the group. We decided to use the facebook group as a discussion place for the members, and general announcements. Whenever you find out something, have a question or want to share information, please post it on the facebook group. Just to get it started, please join the group and type in what you have researched or any idea that you have. We will be using the blogspot website for formal announcements, posting of minutes and so forth. JOIN NOW!!

3) United Students Against Sweatshop Conference Calls

As mentioned in the presentation last week, United Students Against Sweatshops is an awesome resource for our campaign. I have been on the conference call for a few weeks and have found the call to be extremely helpful. Students from all over the country are on the call and insightful information, ideas are shared. Even if you don’t have much to say, it is ok to just call in and listen to everything that is going on nationally.The conference calls are Sundays at 8pm Central (Conference is about 45 mins). If you don’t have much going on Sunday evenings, try it out! The number to call is 712-451-6100 and a pass code is also required. Ask me if interested.

4) Leftovers

This is a big campaign and we have a lot of resources; so to make use of everything efficiently and accomplish as much as we can, we decided that we would have certain positions within the campaign. Think about a position you would be interested in, for example, if you really like talking to people - Public Relations or if you like doing extended readings (erhhh)- Resource Person. Be creative and bring it to the meeting tomorrow. One thing very important that I learned from the meeting last week was about the unused-resources-in-the-back-of-the-room. This is a solid campaign and it effects people’s lives in a very direct way. There is also a lot to do, so if you think you can contribute or have ideas, please bring them out. You have already decided to make a difference by joining Oxfam, now give it the best and witness change directly through your actions!


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